Store Owners and the Pocketing Problem

Months ago, I was at a store next to the gas station, or included with a gas station, getting me a drink, and a pastry. What I realized… I heard of a raccoon boy who took the merchandise from a store where i was buying goods for myself.

However; the store owner didn’t know about items stolen from a store,–until we returned from Nicodemus, KS after a church session. However, the raccoon boy has to confess about taking items without paying to a store owner, or manager. This is one example of shoplifting. If you were caring for an abused child, or adopting a child, you have to check if he/she has been abused. Abuse is the known source where shoplifting has been linked from. That’s why many of our kids weren’t raised without violence (includes spanking and other corporal punishment). Although; the raccoon boy has pocketed the merchandise, and the big lion has to get these items returned to this store.