Announcing Cryptocurrency As An Accepted Form Of Payment

To all visitors of the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Store,
We are proud to roll out cryptocurrency as a new method of payment for our our store. This is key to enable customers to rely on alternatives to these payment platforms what we use each day. If you were predicting this website is going to rely on cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash… the wait is over!

Our website is now ready to accept cryptocurrency as an alternative form of payment. Useful for people who don’t use credit/debit cards for making payments to buy our products.


The following changes has been implemented as we work with our online store:

  • Disabled Stripe payments as a way to enable users to try out our new form of payment.
  • Restored free to down products that are digital downloads.

Cryptocurrencies what we currently accept

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Store now accepts these following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin

To pay via cryptocurrency; just choose a payment method, that is listed, and choose your cryptocurrency, and send us cryptocurrency with a displayed address.

Why This Payment Method

This is key for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to make it easier for customers to pay with a decentralized form of payment. Customers who rely on cryptocurrency as their preferred way to pay for our goods is key for our website to receive alternative alternative source of revenue.

By Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is the founder of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and he's an independent author/musician who is blind. He started Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as his new site. You can follow him on BandCamp His nicname is Fairy-Rider because he rides a fairy in his imagination. He's also a vegetarian, and online activist who want to make our internet, and our creative world a better place to be.
Born and grew up in New York City. He went to school there,. He lives in a big family.
Before he started his new Website; he started writing books to keep his imagination going. First, he relied on using paper and the brailler to write books,--before he has a new computer to work with his projects. He wanted to believe in fairies because he believes that's an alternative to Christianity. He started believing in fairies in 2005,--after he lost vision due to defective surgery, and his mother was so angry at his surgent who maybe don't have any experience or something. Invisible fairies has helped him out cope with his difficult life.
During the time while he's believing in fairies; he went to Kansas State School For the Blind, and he started reading braille as he learned something new. He has to watch some movies what he remember watching since he's a little boy.
From 2005 to 2006; he started running track, and continued his writing project, and he can draw good pictures. He has to drink some tea, interact with other student without any violence, and create something new.
He has interest of riding a carousel, going to a fair, and read books with fairies inside.
Currently; he lives in an apartment solo. But he do have some friends! However, he has to deal with all of the issues what he encountered; he has to varify if his parents were paying his bills.
His projects has been limited to his offline creation because, due to his mother's gambling, and economic abuse what she left behind, he has to get some problems in his family resolved. His trusted ally has helped him get out of his mother's mess.
After he barely recovered from economic abuse; he launched his new blog on a new self-hosted site, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

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