How NOT to Sell Dairy Products At Your Store?

Tired of dairy cows being mistreated? Most likely, it’s time to ditch dairy by ending sales of dairy products, along with some potential problems what you may encounter. Having your store NOT selling dairy is considered a correct strategy to mitigate climate change, and help reduce dairy farms across the globe. That will also reduce the burden of animal abuse, and even help reduce deforestation.

1: Don’t Buy Dairy Products In Bulk For Your Store

That applies to new stores that are newly opened! If you starting a new store; you should try NOT to sell dairy products because, cruelty at dairy farms are common in the USA, and other parts of the world. Dairy farms should be recatered to an audience who consume dairy products. If your store already has a policy implemented, as a way to keep dairy products out… you are already set.

If you were considering to have dairy-free alternatives at your store, buy these items and stock these shelves.

These dairy-free alternatives doesn’t just help broaden your reach of customers, that will help make dairy-free products go mainstream, and outperform dairy as a way to help erase at least 100 cattle farms each year. That will also help reduce the size of dairy farms, and help remove cattle farms from our lands. Not just it will help ease climate change, that will also help to replant trees, and regain oxygen levels. Cattle belch out methane gas that is powerful enough to cause climate change. Manure from cattle produces methane each day. Big dairy companies often hide how animals are treated with false advertising. Consuming dairy should NOT be mandatory for children at school, and requiring school to have dairy should NEVER be a law at all because, there are some children who have dairy allergies, and some dairy allergies may lead to death.

Typically, cows give milk for their calves, not for us to consume. If you consume dairy, you are supporting the veal industry!

Lacto vegetarians should be extra careful when consuming dairy from these sources. They must know their source of dairy as their safety. If you have lacto vegetarians who come to your store, you should do the following:

  • Inform your customers about why dairy is NOT available.
  • If your store is phasing out dairy, inform them about why this is a cause for phasing out dairy.
  • Post signs, indicating your store is NOT supporting the dairy industry.

If your Store Continues To Sell Dairy Products

Implement dairy-free products as a primary source of revenue for your store, and price them wisely. Restructure your store to have dairy-free alternatives as a priority.

Keep dairy products as a low priority.

Inform your customers about your commitment of priority of selling dairy-free products to help mitigate climate change.

If you sell more dairy-free products; insure dairy products are being phased out as obsolete products.

The more dairy-free products sold, the better!

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff