A Review Of A Forum Hop On Top Ride-On Easter Bunny Costume

I stumbled upon a costume that interests me as I browse on Amazon, and I was thinking about getting me a costume what I can use for my video projects on YouTube. Since I currently have stuffed animals in my villa apartment; I can use them for my later videos, but my stuffed animals are kind of too small to be used with my preference.

That’s when I discovered a unique costume what I can use, and this is the Forum Men’s Hop On Top Ride-On Easter Bunny Costume! And I never heard of this costume before… until I first bought it.

As I put on this costume, it fits well, and its almost like riding a real Easter bunny! As I can walk around, I’ve imagined riding an Easter bunny in a different world. My thoughts of buying this costume is like starting my journey to try out new things.

I Wore It And It Fits Normally

Wearing Ride-On Easter Bunny Costume

It does fit around my waist, but I prefer to pull it higher than my waist, making it look I’m riding a larger Easter bunny. If I kept it around my waist; it will be nothing more than riding a short Easter bunny.

It does have elastic supports to support your shoes what you’re wearing, useful for wearing your normal shoes.

What I like About This Costume

What I like about this costume, is the look and feel of this costume. As I feel the costume itself; it does have a furry texture of some sort. The bunny’s headhas upright ears, and its head is shaped like a bunny’s head.

It wears a vest, and it has different colors!

It’s like enjoying a ride on an Easter bunny, and I can be easily entertained as I wear it, and walk around in my apartment. Now my imagination can be easily formatted.

I can use my costume to make ASMR videos on YouTube in the dark, but this is my project building up.

What I dislike About This Costume

What I dislike about this costume is the size of an Easter bunny what I’m riding is may be shorter when worn at the waist, but this is not the deal, I can pull up my costume further up as a way to make it look like riding a larger bunny.

Adjustable string is kind of easy to use, but you have to do a little bit of an effort to tighten it around your waist, or higher than your waist.

Its head is a default size, but this is not the deal.

The Verdict

I recommended this costume because, you canwear it to entertain yourself, or anyone, or if you were a costume fan who like to be friends with other people who where costumes.

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