Why Do Stores Have Databases To Keep Shoplifters At Bay, and Why Would I Need To Implement One?

Everyday, we heard news reports about a suspect arrested for shoplifting, or in some cases, you whitnessed a shoplifter shoplifting a store what you’ve just visiting right now,–or someone has warned you about a shoplifter shoplifting your store, causing to have a serious loss of revenue.

Stores do implement databases to keep shoplifters on file. A database can contain names of these shoplifters,–along with their photos taken by store security officers who work at a store. These stores use databases to keep track of these shoplifters for 1 or more years, and sometimes… forever. Tipically, shoplifter databases are always reviewed each day to help prevent repeat shoplifters from entering their stores. Sometimes, a shoplifter database can be kept hidden to prevent suspects from lashing out revenge against stores.