Why Prices Of These Items Go Up At A Local Store?

That’s right!! Shoplifters has been causing our stores to raise prices to recover from losses caused by shoplifters. This is common for most store owners, and large store chains like Walmart, Target, Kmart, and other stores what you go to on your shopping trip. If you were used to affordable pricing years ago, you have to spend more to help a store recover from these affects caused by shoplifting. Most shoplifters often take merchandise without paying. Most shoplifters can be a group of people, or 1 person. You heard of a news about shoplifters who were being banned from stores. Even a blind store owner who runs a good store can be affected by shoplifters.

About price changing strategies

Imagine you were just minding your own business buying items for your family, and you were just buying items like normal. You usually bring an average amount of money to cover costs of your purchased items what you’ve currently buying. You encountered cheap items, but you were just preparing to buy your next batch of items. You think these prices are the same… think again!! These prices are most likely to go up.

Prices going up indicates a store what you’ve visited earlier, and came back later on your next shopping trip has experienced stress caused by shoplifters. A store has to recover from a major loss, debt, or both. Store security officers, and associates has been stopping shoplifters for many years. Sometimes, shoplifters can run off with merchandise with a vehicle to get away from a store. If you were just a legitimate customer, you have to bring extra money to buy items, and you have to equip yourself with a debit/credit card as a backup. Many legitimate shoppers has been paying more for these items what they’ve tried to buy. Just wondering why stores often raise prices? Take a look of a detailed list below:

  • To keep a store financially at float – this strategy has been implemented by store owners as a way to help recover from losses, and debts. If you previously bought a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for $.50 at your local store of choice one day; and a shoplifter has stole 30 packs of your favorite snacks. You’ve reported an incident to a store associate to prevent shoplifting. The store cameras has caught a shoplifter on a spot. A store associate detains a shoplifter for taking merchandise out of a store. But a shoplifter has fought back. And the police has arrived to arrest a shoplifter. If you visited a store on a next month; you can see your favorite snack has been priced up to $1.50! This is necessary for them to recover from a serious loss caused by a shoplifters. If you were so concerned about rising prices, you can ask a store owner why prices go high.
  • A method to recover from a loss caused by a shoplifter – rising prices is a store’s secret weapon to combat losses. Like what we’ve mentioned above; stores can be in distress as shoplifters attack. Everyday, shoplifters attack our favorite stores. This attack can be stopped,–if a store implements a powerful method to keep shoplifters at bay. For example; if you go to a store who is trying to recover from a serious loss; you may need to spend more. This is common if a shoplifter refuses to pay a civil fine issued by a store owner. Common stores being attacked by shoplifters are clothing shops, wine shops, grocery stores, and other stores what you can visit during shopping days. High prices mean stores in distress!
  • Recover from debt – if shoplifters has stole all of your favorite products, and food, and result to an empty aisle, this is a serious disaster. If a shoplifter stole $20,000 worth of your favorite high-quality products with a reasonable price; you have to pay up, and you have to use more money to buy these items. Debts can be scary to many store owners caused by shoplifters who are extremely powerful. Even multiple shoplifters can rob up to $100,000 worth of these items like expensive alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products to fuel tobacco and alcohol addiction. If a store don’t recover from debt, a store has a right to sue shoplifters, and garnish their wages. If you were found guilty of shoplifting; you can lose your job, or you may be end up facing garnishment during employment at your primary job. If you reported a shoplifting incident to a store associate; you may need to ask questions with an associate to prevent mistakes caused by a store itself. Security cameras always help a store track shoplifters inside.

Rising prices always help a store recover, but it takes a slow road to do it.

Many stores also raise prices to common items what we buy to discourage kids from buying these items from their stores. If soda pop, soft drinks, and even milk has been priced high; that will be easier for us to choose a healthy route, and reduce cravings of sugar. If you run your own store, and you priced soda pop to a higher price, but you priced tea at a lower price; this is common if you wanted kids who buy things from you to choose healthy drinks instead.

Stores can also raise prices to gain more profit as a way to keep it running like normal. If you have high-profit goods sold via a mass market route like snacks, you can sell expensive items with a high price to benefit your store.

Higher prices can be timely, but they will fall down overtime,–if a store is profitable. If a store is profitable, and there are no shoplifters… that will benefit a store. Having efforts to keep shoplifters out is very important.

There are some stores who raise prices to test out profitability, or go to the next level, or they sell high-quality products.

By Fairy-Rider

Part of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy staff