The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Store has been launched during a move to a VPS. However; it needs to revert back to shared-hosting because, the owner of this website has discovered his necessary funding stolen by his big sister who is nothing more than a traitor who wanted her ways of controlling the world. However; the owner of this website has finally got his big sister arrested for taking his funds for his website.

This store is still young, but free products usually start off when this store gets new products. Downloadable products are easier to sell, but items that are not virtual are too difficult to sell.


The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Store has been launched on november 2017 as a milestone of having this website run up to 2 years in a row! This store was under hard construction because, it need products, a payment gateway, and a free download service. It used to be only using PayPal as a default gateway, but now it uses stripe as an alternate payment gateway. It relied on an SSL certificate provided by Comodo, an SSL provider offered via CPanel for virtual servers, and dedicated servers.

When Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has a new SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, a free SSL provider; this online store is able to use SSl and provide Stripe as a payment gateway for people who wanted to support this website directly.

Experimental Free Downloads

Today, this website is offering free downloads.