Rainbow & Borders Text-Adventure Game Template


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This is a rainbow version of a text-adventure game template. This template gives your text-adventure game a rainbow experience. These visible borders gives this template a clean look to space out elements on your screen. Links, buttons list items, tables and div elements are built with strategically formatted text; all fonts are sized at 100%; this is necessary to scale via any screen. Whether if you have a large laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet, a watch, or a large TV, you can use this template for children’s text-adventure games, interactive gaming puzzles, gaming apps, gaming websites, and more.


    1 CSS file linked
  • 1 index.html file

Technical Features

  • 2% thick borders
  • Supports headings 1 to 6
  • Links formatted with borders to simulate buttons
  • Sidebar included
  • Header always included
  • Footer included
  • Console includes a pre-built Command Panel for choice-based games
  • No watermarks
  • Coded by hand
  • Charset utf8 supported
  • Make your own section in CSS file included for further customization

More About This Product

This editable template enables you to write your own content within this template. Whether if you wanted to duplicate this template to make a linked html text-adventure game. You can use this theme for your website too,–if you are just building a static website for your visitors. Unlike other templates, it relies on a dark background to reduce power on CRT monitors, and some displays that only rely on LED displays (without LCD).

You can also use this template for displaying player status information on a sidebar for your games. This is useful if you wanted to enable your players to figure out what is going on with their characters what they’re playing as.