Pink Text-Adventure Game HTML Template


A pink on black html template for developing text-adventure games in html. Make interactive fiction games today!


This monochromatic pink on black template has all elements shown in pink color. That applies to headings, paragraphs, links, and list items. Buttons and other elements are not listed inside the style tags of this template. This template is easy to customize with a desired text-editor.

This template relies on a pink color for people who can’t stand blue light, or people who wanted to experience a pink view of text-adventure games. If your favorite color is pink; and you wanted to use this template for your text-based games.

You can use this template for your website where you host static html files linked to a choice-based game. Depending on your browser type, it may display text the different way. If you are just making a long text-based game, just duplicate this template within this folder, and add subfolders to segment levels. This is a vertical-exclusive layout with text flowing downward,–just like reading a book. If you were just playing this game during the break via overnight hours, pink text on a black background is the right choice. Why blue links are knocked away from this template because, there are issues and affects of blue lighting. Blue lighting can affect how we sleep at night. Red or pink lighting does a difference. Usually blue light is intended for morning hours, while pink lights can be used anywhere.

The code is not garbled, but easy to edit.