Dark Text-Adventure HTML Game Template


This is a text-adventure HTML game template for text-based games what you create, just edit this file, and create text-adventure games for your website or app!

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This is a dark template for your text-adventure games what you create by linking HTML files together,–like a choice-based game.

This template simulates an LED or VFD screen on most old machines what you’ve grew up with. If you remember the time when text-based games are popular, and you are making one from scratch; you can use this template to start off making a text-based game quickly without needing to write all of the html code by hand.

Why This Template?

This template is ideal for people who care about reducing carbon,–depending on which hosting platform what you’re using to host your game. Or you can use it as a template for your apps on mobile phones, browsers, desktop applications, and more.