Amber Text-Adventure Game Template


Enjoy an amber on black theme template for your text-based game what you are developing with a monochrome theme.


An amber on dark text-adventure game template is a monochrome template what you can use for your text-adventure games what you are writing. A Command Panel is easy to customise by adding a CSS style to a CSS file included.

Ideal For:

Websites where html-based text-based games are hosted on your website.

Interactive fiction games for apps via mobile devices.

You can enjoy a beauty of an amber theme as you test your game for your players to play your game. Whether if you were just making a story about a character who is saving the day from being doomed, or just normal development of text-adventure games.

This is a template that is intended for choice-based games. You can copy this html file inccluded with this CSS file. Just edit a file what you’ve just copied, or copy the entire code to a new html file, and edit your contents. Just link them together on your website, and make it look like you are playing a text-adventure game.

You can also add your own elements to your game. For example; advertisements for monetizing your text-based games for your players to play your game for free. However; elements for placing your own ads on your html pages are NOT included.

Links in the console area of this html file is optimized to match the look and feel of this template.